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I am a certified Trauma-informed Coach and carry with me education and training from my Bachelor’s in Behavioral Science as well. I have been working as a Coaching Professional since 2012, I believe every story is relevant and powerful. I have worked from this foundational perspective in my ten years of human services work in various different programs and organizations to create self-sufficient and thriving communities in our city. All my services are available in English, Hindi and Urdu.

I provide 1-1 trauma-informed individual coaching.

I provide trauma- informed group coaching.

I provide trauma-informed empowerment talks & professional development at conferences and events.

Fill your Jar is about learning and understanding your story: then building consistent Resilience, Purpose, Freedom and Success in all Psychosocial, Emotional, Spiritual, and Cultural being of a person. Our goal through coaching sessions: A whole, empowered, connected and healthy person.

Is Coaching right for you?

Strength-Based & Solution-Focused Approach

Sliding Scale Available

Free 20mins consultation for any of my services.

1-1 trauma-informed coaching– 105$ an hour. I am flexible around your schedule and if that means meeting 30mins every week instead of an hour bi-weekly or monthly, let’s book a no cost consultation.

Trauma informed group coaching– Varies depending on the size and length of the workshops (3 weeks- 4 weeks): 550$- 750$ . I also love investing back into the community and have provided fundraising workshops for organizations. I would love to collaborate, just book a free consultation.

Empowerment talks & Professional Development– 210$-420$. I provide takeaway tools along with my talks for the audience. I am looking forward to learning about your vision, connect with me!


Grace- “ When I was struggling to combat a difficult situation and had nowhere to turn. I turned to Fill your Jar and received the hope and guidance that I needed. Anshu has the life skills, knowledge, experience and empathy that helped me achieve wellness. Fill your Jar has been the light through my difficult situation. I highly recommend Anshu’s services, if you are seeking tools to overcome challenges in your life.”

Leslie- “Anshu, your commitment and endless support is very inspiring! Your “down-to-earth” approach and honest manner have helped me to NOT give up. Thank you all for your friendship, your knowledge and your kindness.”

Noor- “Having Anshu to talk to during a transition in my life that left me so out of sync with myself was a blessing. She really takes the time, energy and patience to listen and hear first and foremost, feel, shed tears with you, and give real, raw, and meaningful guidance that really hits- and encourages you to really get in touch with ‘you’, and discover what it is that makes ‘you’ your happiest being. I looked forward to my sessions with her as it always gave me healing, made me see things in a new light and really helped to push me to pursue the one thing that makes my heart smile-and I’m living it now! Thank you for your encouragement, compassion, and seeing in me what I couldn’t see in myself back then. You are SO GOOD at what you do and I only hope that others who may need support during any moment in their life know that they can come to you!

Sky“Thank you for really listening to me and helping me overcome my trauma.”

Elizabeth- “You are an amazing coach – insightful, thoughtful, kind, wise – I value and hold in my heart every conversation we had.  Thank you for your support and guidance.”

Lindsay“Working with Anshu has been an incredible light that I did not realize I needed. She was able to provide me with insight and a different view on situations in my life. I loved the exercises and homework that she provided me with because it was personalized to what I was experiencing in my life. I am forever grateful for Anshu and the life lessons she provided me with. Thank you.”

Andrea“Anshu has been a great help for me in moving my dreams and plans forward. With her wealth of tools and resources, paired with her incredibly caring and empathetic demeanor, I feel much better prepared for all life throws at me! I really enjoy that she can incorporate counselling and emotional work with life coach/ business planning resources. It’s the perfect mix for me 😊.”


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